Eine Hand die ein Smartphone hält, im Hintergrund ein Sonnenuntergang über einem See

Apps wrapped in Cordova Containers, as Swift project or using react-native bridges

Cross-platform apps using web technology or natively written for iOS, tvOS or watchOS—the right technology is the solid solution

Ever since web technology brought new impulse to the app market, it seems there is no app that does not already exist. The market is saturated, the big players are sharing the cake and the gold diggers have moved on.

Sadly, especially those web technologies have enabled a huge amount of applications to get submitted to the stores that better would never have seen the light of day.

Presently the app market is cumbered by the fact that a lot of apps are missing a nucleus, a purpose. But there is still the possibility for companies, if decisions are done right, to develop coherent solutions.

We are happy to consult you on what, from our experience, could become a useful app and what is better written as a web application.