App Publishing with TYPO3 and CouchDB for Animus Travel GmbH

Use TYPO3 as content backend for app publishing, together or independent of your website. Your guests are up to date, the guides are relaxed. TYPO3 publishes your current content-updates via CouchDB to both iOS and Android seamlessly.

Guests type in their unique vacation code and receive all information important to them: An up-to-date event calendar, the most important locations as well as a news feed. They have everything right at their fingertips.

Built on top of Cordova and AmpersandJS, the app enables the travel guides to inform guests via push messages about recent updates right from within TYPO3. Naturally the calendar and location database is stored in TYPO3 as well, so publishing is only a click away too.

That's how it works

The information for a particular vacation are compiled with a few clicks, right in the TYPO3 backend. Saving that publishes the vacation for all subscribed guests—and only for them. From this point on, the travel guides can use their app to send push messages to all guests inside a vacation. When Whatsapp does not scale above a certain limit, this flow of information just works. That's the travel business in 2016.

Our TYPO3 CouchDB publishing together with client-side PouchDB does soft-realtime publishing—most people think it's magic.
In the backend, Redis gets us the needed performance to queue push messages, node.js workers do the heavy lifting and communicate with both APN (Apple) and GCM (Google).

The client

From the quiet town Altrip, right next to Mannheim, vacations to the most exciting spots in Europe are planned every year.

Five permanent employees and a seasonal staff of as much as 30 people makes Animus Travel GmbH to one of the emerging gems when it comes to vacation.

Fun facts from this project

  • The TYPO3 DB Layer can not handle emojis :(
  • Timezones are a challenge—every time
  • Apples handling of certificates still is a nightmare