InfluxDB - NoSQL Time Series Database

Write and read data at high speed

InfluxDB as a NoSQL time-series database is incredibly fast to write and read data in real-time. Large amounts of data can be processed in almost constant performance and at the same time the data can be analyzed and enriched while reading.

If Postgres is not already provided in the stack anyway - and thus the option for TimescaleDB is there - we like to use InfluxDB for data-intensive applications in this area.

Classic use cases of time series databases are applications where data is generated over time: For example, sensor data, server metrics, or stock quotes, for example. For the latter, we use InfluxDB as a database for the ESG Spot app, among others.

Highspeed data for your next project?

Do you have large amounts of data over time that you would like to process with high performance? Feel free to contact us, we know our way around time-series databases.

Are you interested in InfluxDB?

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