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Custom software for custom requirements

The big dream of the perfect product or just a huge risk? Not seldomly custom software development ends in a cul-de-sac. Probably everybody has been in one of those once.

Scarce resources, historically grown structures, fluctuations in know-how, featureritis or simply the classical in-house blindspot; the dream vanished in the daily routine. Those getting dirty are often burning their hands.

We are facing those issues from an architectural point of view where the cue often is Microservices.


Eine abstrakte Darstellung eines Netzwerkes.

A multitude of small components is working together, communicating over defined interfaces. Every component is focused on one thing, doing that to perfection. Both expected input and output are well-defined. And tomorrow this component can be replaced by something entirely different, as long as it adheres to the protocol.

The big picture is made of single building blocks. Every block is easy to grasp, easy to modify and to replace. A living system adapting to changes within or outside of your organization without any issues.