Digitalisation of driver communication.

With new software for simplified release of service instructions

Change is the one constant in a complex and agile entity in a large city's public transportation. The staff is reacting on this change continuously by adapting the updated internal regulations. Traditionally, this has been done via internal departemental notes printed and hung in central locations of the driver's daily routine.

HEAG mobilo wanted to provide an addition to this proven method by open up another channel using the staff's computers and mobile devices. In an agile project team formed together with HEAG mobilo we rose to the challenge and digitised the previous workflow in several iterations.

This resulted in an original software product seamlessly integrated into their TYPO3 intranet.

  • A role based access control enables including targeted responsible people.
  • An integrated graphic editor enables people to fully work in the browser without any other software on their computer.
  • Approval workflows ensure the four-eyes principle and enable the refinement of the created documents in versions including a comment feature.
  • Employees are kept informed during the workflow via eMail and can delegate or adopt responsibilities, e.g. in the event of vacation or illness.
  • A faceted search using Solr provides a simple search over all documents.
  • Automated processes are publishing pinpointed if desired and enable asynchronous workflows.

HEAG mobilo

HEAG mobilo together with HEAG mobiBus are leading transportation providers in Southern Hessia. They are commited to providing attractive and productive public metropolitan and suburban commuter systems in City of Science Darmstadt and the enclosing region. Around 700 well-qualified Employees in the enterprise are putting innovative technology and professional service first.