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Elasticsearch or Solr

Two powerful search solutions based on Apache Lucene

As oldie but goldie Apache Solr is a known and trusted player in the field of open source search engines. For the combination with TYPO3 CMS, the existing typo3-solr extension enables TypoScript configured indexing and a fast search of your content.

For several years, Solr has been the most popular enterprise search engine. Recently the crown has been passed to Elasticsearch, which is also based on Apache Lucene.

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Elasticsearch is a significantly younger project that shines with its schemaless architecture, the RESTful API, Auto-Clustering and a fast development pace. It's not only a great match for custom software solutions but also for data-driven TYPO3 installations.

Being part of the ELK-stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) it serves as high-performance data-store for large amounts of log data that is preprocessed by Logstash and displayed with Kibana. That allows for efficient skimming of your data using all possible facets.