Workflowmanager – pure flexibility

Together with dataroom, part of the ACM group, we built a workflowmanager that scales from small to medium-sized businesses effortlessly

For over ten years the dataroom team from Wiesbaden has been developing solutions for international corporate groups and german medium-sized businesses. Their workflowmanager has been well established in several companies. To tackle a full rewrite and re-architecturing of this software, they asked zimmer7 to support them.

The main goals have been to get rid of cruft that assembled over time, increase flexibility and maintainability, add some new features and top it of with a state-of-the-art mobile-first user interface.


Written with AngularJS the frontend adheres to the Material UI guidelines of Google to have a coherent user experience. Built as a standalone application, it works against the backend API. This enabled the option to replace the frontend in parts or entirely if needed as well as update it independently of the server code.

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The architecture has been rethought from the ground up, following the microservice philosophy. Eight services make up the core, working together via a message queue. And they can all be developed independently of each other, as long they adhere to the common protocol.

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Flexibility in terms of the interfaces to the outside have been a priority right from the start. Old interfaces had to be adapted, while new and more elegant interfaces needed to be possible for future requirements.

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The fine folks at dataroom will help you gladly.