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Vaamo – Mobile Fintech App

An emerging Fintech company located in Frankfurt am Main

Over the span of three months we supported the Vaamo Finanz AG with developing a mobile app.

The team of ten people ported and adapted—adhering to a tight schedule—most of the functionality of their current web app for a partner company.

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The application has been written entirely in JavaScript while the backend formed a small layer between the app and the existing API infrastructure. This enabled the use of universal rendering, where the first call is completely rendered on the server side and every subsequent interaction happens via React/Redux on the client only.

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We learned a lot in our first project with both React and Redux. The essentially simple concept of Redux with one central storage was difficult to grasp for such a vast application at first, but over the course of the project it become clear that this eased the reasoning about the flow of events and data a lot.

Fun facts from this project

  • There are dev-teams that start their day before 10am
  • Squirrels are determined and have a keen eye for details
  • Meetings are not an option in larger teams, but they can be streamlined to be efficient
  • Universal rendering has its own challenges