NetzwerkHilfe - committed to people in need

A website as a means of communication for those in need, supporters and interested parties

NetzwerkHilfe is an association of volunteers who are committed to helping people in need.

zimmer7 supports the network and contributes a multilingual internet presence. With a TYPO3 setup with special editor access, forms, group-specific logins and a responsive layout, we provided the network with a means of communication in a very short time. From now on, information and organization will be multilingual and up-to-date.

In March 2016, the Living City Foundation and the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) announced a foundation award for cities and communities that approach refugees with sports offerings in order to promote integration and exchange between old and new citizens.

The Integration Plus collaboration between TSG Maxdorf and NetzwerkHilfe was recognized for this commitment.