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ENTEGA AG's Extranet

Serve information and encourage internal sharing of knowledge.

An Extranet, being the central place for internal corporate communication, has several requirements on data like processing inputs from a multitude of sources and rendering them in a visually appealing way.

Often they are lacking: sometimes the technical solution does not fit the structure of the content, the search engine does not bring up the relevant topics or the information is not available promptly.

2016 we began working out technical concepts together and equipped the extranet with a new architecture as well as a modern infrastructure to run on.

Since then ENTEGA AG's Extranet renders nice and lean across all devices and the offer of information is extended through integrations of various APIs, search solutions and new functionality for the employees.

With roughly 300 deployments in three years, agile communication and planning a technically sustainable and versatile offer of information for the whole staff was created.

During the project period the underlaying technical architecture was adapted to the two subsidiaries ENTEGA Energie and HEAG mobilo. Today's monthly reach exceeds 300,000 page impressions.

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With their over 30 subsidiaries, ENTEGA AG is actively involved in power generation, energy distribution and energy trade amongst other business segments, being one of the most important providers of climate-neutral and renewable energies in Germany.